机械工程: ATS engineers provide complete engineering support in all areas of general engineering from complex problem solving, 产品/过程改进, 设计评价, 机器/系统分析, custom machinery design and project management. Our engineers are experienced, hands-on field professionals that you can count on. When it comes to design and implementation for small operators or mill-wide mechanical integrity programs, ATS是首屈一指的. We begin by determining your specific needs, and then customize your plan to fulfill all your requirements. ATS uses both commercially available (Nastran, Autodesk仿真机械和CFD, LS-Dyna, Solidworks模拟, COMPRESS) and in-house custom developed software to assist in evaluating vessels, 管道和储罐. Our calculations are not generic or wholesale but instead are specific to every code and standard nuance whether API, STI, ASME, NBIC or even industry published guidelines such as TAPPI and NACE.

材料工程: Our in-depth expertise with 腐蚀 and materials engineering coupled with our extensive industry background allows us to develop process specific inspection plans so that the right inspection is performed from the start. We have the capability to perform cradle-to-grave engineering designs as well as innovative Fitness-For-Service techniques using the recommended practices from API RP 579. The role of the 腐蚀/materials engineers is crucial since they are typically part of a multi-disciplinary team being responsible for identifying the cause of damage. They also select the material properties used in the assessment, determine remaining life (including future 腐蚀 allowance), and develop appropriate remediation or monitoring plans.

结构工程: 我们的结构工程师经验丰富, hands-on field professionals with capabilities in damage assessment, 评估, inspections and repair designs for 结构 and concrete, 钢结构, 砌体结构, 预张拉和后张拉混凝土. Our problem-solving investigations and repair designs focus on vehicular impact, 强风/风暴的伤害, 腐蚀, decay, 结构材料开裂, 施工错误, 以及不良资产.

安全工程: 机械, 结构, 工业, and materials engineers provide a wide range of services to all 行业. Through good engineering practice and hands-on practical problem solving, 我们帮助客户降低风险和成本. We accomplish this by assessing existing equipment and designing repairs and retrofits while focusing on safety and economics.

可靠性工程: 可靠性 of your assets is essential to remain competitive in today’s economic climate. ATS’ reliability services translate into improved safety, 产品质量, 生产力, 和效率. Unplanned downtime of equipment costs industry millions of dollars in process and service interruptions each day. Our reliability services group will help you develop and sustain a comprehensive reliability program to prevent failure from occurring. ATS’ reliability services can significantly reduce costs by minimizing production interruptions and losses and eliminating unnecessary repairs.

工业服务: ATS provides engineering services for tank and vessel integrity programs for companies like yours so that you can be confident that you are minimizing unscheduled downtime, safety and environmental risks while maximizing the benefits of your inspection dollars. Our engineers are experienced, hands-on field professionals that you can count on. Our experts have been thoroughly trained in several specialized techniques used to perform storage tank 评估. ATS’ procedures comply with industry standards and API codes. We provide detailed reports, which accurately reflect the reliability of your tanks. Our final inspection calculations and recommendations are reviewed and approved by an API certified inspector (as applicable) and/or a state registered professional engineer.

商业服务: The Commercial 服务 Division of ATS has been serving the most recognizable names in real estate for several decades. Professionals throughout the country trust us – you can too. 我们有持有执照的专业工程师(P.E.’s) on-staff to certify the compliance of your equipment to provide you with peace of mind. ATS stays at the forefront of building maintenance technology, which benefits our landlord and property management clients by reducing risks and costs. Our engineers are thoroughly educated in OSHA, ANSI, ASME and IWCA compliance issues so you do not have to be, freeing your time for other critical operational tasks. ATS provides services to building owners and managers with regards to ANSI/IWCA I-14.1、我是120.1 & OSHA 1910.66年合规.

焊接工程: 十博体育app’ welding engineers have the experience and knowledge to develop customized welding procedure specifications (WPS) that are compliant with current and applicable codes and standards, 包括但不限于AWS, ASME, AMS和NACE. We are familiar with unique standards that apply to specific 行业 which require common or specialized production. We have built an excellent reputation with the construction, 基础设施, 汽车, 核, 航空航天, 发电, medical, 以及海运业.